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Our Personal Injury attorneys are devoted to helping injury victims from beginning to end.

We Can Help You…

  • Receive payment for your medical bills.
  • Recover lost wages.
  • Receive compensation for property damage.
  • Receive payment for pain & suffering.

Our personal injury attorneys are devoted to helping accident and serious injury victims through the entire process from the time of injury to recovery and ultimate compensation.

A personal injury is any injury to your physical or emotional well being resulting from the negligence or misconduct of another party.

A personal injury may be caused by negligence or accidental acts of wrongdoing. If you or your family have suffered due to the actions of someone else you should contact our personal injury lawyers here in Mesa, Arizona.

We handle the details of your case so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and receive the necessary medical treatment you require.

We provide a free consultation and will advance most costs and are willing to come to you to meet if necessary.

How Can We Help You?

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Common Injury Claims in Arizona

How Long Can I wait to file a Personal Injury Claim?

Many personal injury matters or cases are very time sensitive due the statute of limitations placed on them by state law. Because of these limitations any personal injury case must be handled in a timely manner.

If you believe that you or a family member’s personal injury is the result of negligence or wrongful conduct by another party, do not wait any longer call us now at (480) 496-2069 for your FREE initial consultation or fill out our contact form below to set up an appointment with an Arizona personal injury attorney.

What are your fees after an initial consultation?

For most personal injury cases, we charge a contingency fee of 33.3% of the entire settlement or amount recovered; or 40% of the entire settlement or amount recovered if a lawsuit is filed and litigation is initiated. Additionally, we will advance any expenses on your behalf, such as charges for police reports, long distance telephone calls, copying, medical records, transcripts, deposition fees, etc. Those costs advanced are repaid to us when the case settles or is resolved.

Our Arizona personal injury lawyers have been handling victims’ cases since 1987 and have the experience necessary to get the results you deserve. Call us today at (480) 496-2069 for your free case evaluation by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Awards & Verdicts Received For Our Clients

  • Medical Malpractice – $3.1 Million
  • Brain Injury – $2.4 Million
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (Death) – $1.75 Million
  • Missed Diagnosed Lung Cancer – $360,000
  • Missed Diagnosed Pulmonary Embolism – $250,000
  • Failure to Treat Appendicitis – $150,000
  • Car/Motorcycle Accident – $275,000
  • Boating Fatality – $350,000
  • Car/Pedestrian Accident – $340,000
  • Special Needs Adult Molestation – $375,000
  • Child Dog Bite – $109,000

(There is no guarantee your case would achieve the level of settlement shown above)

How Can We Help You?

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