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Divorce Lawyer in Arizona

Moral support is very important. A divorce is typically a crisis event in a person’s life, requiring the support of many people. Although the divorce process itself is generally unpleasant, a good attorney to guide and council you through the process can ease much of the worry, fear, and stress.

It is vital that you and your divorce attorney have a good relationship, and that you are comfortable and confident in your attorney. Our divorce and family lawyers know how stressful this time of your life can be, and we will protect your family’s rights in all aspects of your case.

If you are struggling with child custody issues, our child custody lawyers (legal decision-making) commit to achieving arrangements that ensure the safety and well being of your children. Our legal decision-making lawyers will investigate, recommend evaluations and secure the best interests of your child.

SB 1127 – New Changes in Arizona Family Law Statutes

As of January 1, 2013, Arizona’s laws regarding family law cases were modified under Senate Bill 1127. Many of the changes are inconsequential, but there are several changes worth noting. Being aware of the proper terminology is critical in presenting arguments to the Court or in making a final agreement about child custody and parenting time which now have new names. Read More

Some issues with divorce

Some issues with children

Your Attorney Client Relationship Is Important!

When you consult an attorney for the first time, be prepared to provide basic information. It is helpful to gather copies of financial documents. For instance, the deed to your home, deed to other real property, copies of the last two (2) tax returns and financial statements that you may have filled out.

Determine exactly what the fees are. The attorney you select should be able to explain all aspects of a divorce from beginning to end. He or she should also be able to explain how much he/she bills at an hourly rate, and whether or not the client pays for costs and what those costs are. Some attorneys bill at a flat fee. However, the norm is to be billed on an hourly basis. Family Law attorneys do not bill on a percentage of the estate or the outcome of the case.

Ensure confidentiality and be open about your situation. Your attorney should be candid with you about your rights, and anything you discuss with your attorney is covered under the attorney-client privilege. It is very important that you are open and honest with your attorney. What you tell your attorney is confidential and protected from disclosure later, even if you choose not to retain your attorney.

Most attorneys, after the initial consultation will present the client with enough information to determine if now is the time to approach the divorce or if it’s better to wait. Generally, clients should not necessarily commit that date to their attorney. It is helpful to go home, think about what has been discussed, and make sure that the attorney is the right one for your case.

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Our team of divorce and family law attorneys will carefully guide you through whatever family law situations you are facing, whether it is a simple uncontested divorce or a complex case involving multiple issues, we can guide you through it all. Call us today at (480) 833-1113 or email us using the contact form below to set up your appointment.

How Can We Help You?

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I have read the disclaimer.

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