Child Support Attorney in Arizona


Child Support Attorney in Arizona

We are child support attorneys in Mesa, Arizona. On this page we will explain some of the things that are taken into consideration when child support is calculated for either parent.

Arizona requires something called the Arizona Child Support Worksheet in terms of calculating child support. It is basically a big Excel spreadsheet that we can put numbers into and it will tell us how much child support a party should be paying or receiving. Some of the types of numbers that we need to put into that worksheet include things like:

  • Income for both parents,
  • Spousal Maintenance being paid by either party,
  • Health Care Expenses for the child
  • Day Care Expenses
  • Parenting Time for each Party
Occasionally, there are a few other calculations that may be needed, but those are the main factors when calculating child support. Once these numbers have been entered we can closely approximate what the child support amount will be.

If there is a dispute as to the income being claimed by either parent it will be necessary to present evidence to the court.

It is possible to deviate from the child support worksheet although that is uncommon, it can be done.

As time goes forward the original factors which determined child support can change. These changes may include such things as:

  • Employment Changes
  • Loss of Employment
  • A Significant Change in Income (either up or down)
  • Day Care Expenses
  • Parenting Time Modification

The process of modifying child support can be very simple or it can become very complicated depending on the circumstances involved.

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