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Types of employment issues we can advise you about:

  • Employment Agreements: Arizona, employees are “at will” unless an agreement specifies otherwise. Employment agreements can be effective to make sure the employee remains “at will” and also may include certain restrictive covenants like non-competes, anti-poaching of customers or employees.
  • Severance Agreements: If there is a severance providing an agreement setting forth the terms and conditions for the severance is critical.
  • Protection of trade secrets and confidential information: We can help you prepare non disclosure agreements, non-solicitation clauses and non-compete agreements.
  • Employee handbooks: These handbooks can be effective tools in preventing wrongful termination claims, claims for invasion of privacy and preservation of confidential information.
  • Regulatory compliance: Many employers are subject to federal and state law governing discriminatory practices, such as age, disability, gender or religion, payment of wages, labor standards, OSHA and many others. Compliance often depends on the number of employees.
  • Avoiding discrimination claims: Take care to document all non-discriminatory reasons for letting the person go.
Our employment law attorneys are able to advise you regarding legal matters affecting employers and employees.

The courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting employment law almost every day. You need an experienced employment lawyer before you get in over your head.

Our clients know every aspect of their case. We keep you informed and if you hire our firm you will participate in the strategic planning to get you the best results possible.

Our employment attorneys have the expertise you need. Your case deserves and will receive careful attention at every phase of the process. We will represent your interests in an aggressive and cost-effective manner.

How Can We Help You?

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