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Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Arizona

Why do you need a collaborative divorce attorney? If you are seeking a collaborative divorce it allows two people to meet with a third party mediator and attempt to resolve all of the issues without submitting it to the court to make the final decision regarding their divorce.

The mediator:
  • Does not take sides
  • Doesn’t represent either party
  • But is a facilitator to help them arrive at a fair and equitable settlement and divorce.

A petition for dissolution is still required to be filed with all of the required time periods as in a regular divorce proceeding. We will submit the petition for you.

A divorce decree and property settlement agreement and parenting plan will need to be submitted to the court and be accepted. We will help you come to a settlement agreement you both like and will submit it to the court for you.

However, all of this can be streamlined, and be much less expensive if the parties do meet with a mediator to resolve their disputes. We make sure you both agree and are happy with the final decree, then both of you can move on with your lives and avoid the contention that a divorce can create.

We Have Solutions For You

Our team of experienced collaborative divorce attorneys have been and continue to be very successful in helping parties reach an agreement they both can accept and be able to move on without a lot of contention in the divorce process.

We can help you, call us today.

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