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Personal Injury Accident AttorneySome big personal injury lawyers advertise with catchy jingles, but a slogan doesn’t get anything other than your attention. Bigger isn’t always better, and slick marketing campaigns only amuse opposing auto insurance companies. They know the difference between the TV personas and reality.

If you have been injured in a car crash and want an injury lawyer to help you get your vehicle fixed and compensation for your injuries, here are important questions to ask:

  • Will you actually get to meet with an injury attorney, or will you be meeting instead with an “intake specialist” to sign you up?

    Our new clients actually meet with their injury lawyer, at no charge, to discuss what happened, how they have been hurt, their rights under Arizona law, and the whole auto claim process. All of their questions are answered by their injury lawyer. And, their injury lawyer will be the same one throughout their case. We don’t believe in the “lawyer-of-the-day” approach.

  • How accessible is your injury lawyer? Does he or she or staff return your calls or emails the same day? Is your injury lawyer available to meet with you in the office when needed?

    We are always accessible, and return most calls the same day. Emails are answered quickly – sometimes at night or on weekends – and our clients can talk to us by phone or meet with us whenever needed. And, we meet with our clients in their homes, hospitals or places of work, if needed.

  • Does/will your injury lawyer keep you apprised of the progress of your claim?

    We communicate with most of our clients on at least a weekly basis and often more, and are available any time there is a question or concern.

  • How long has your injury lawyer and staff been working together? Is there a high turnover rate? Are you continually assigned a new paralegal or other contact person who never seems to know you or the status of your claim? Are they swamped and overworked just trying to learn about their clients’ cases, rather than working on them to get them resolved?

    Our injury attorney and paralegal team has worked together for 20 years, and our secretary has been with us for over 5 years. We make it a point to know our clients, their cases, their injuries, their concerns, and even their families and personal lives, and work hard with them to get their claims settled. How well does your attorney know you?

  • Is your injury lawyer a civil litigator? What happens if there is a liability dispute, or the auto insurance company’s offer is simply too low? Does your injury lawyer have the experience, knowledge, ability, and drive to go to court? Or, does your lawyer instead recommend you simply settle for the insurance company’s “best” offer? How many times has your injury lawyer gone to trial? How often does your injury attorney go to arbitration?

    We have extensive jury trial and arbitration experience, and fight for our clients. We don’t file a lawsuit unless we have no choice, and then we are relentless in fighting for our clients, whether through negotiations, in a courtroom, or at an arbitration. Insurance companies know we don’t back down.

  • If you have young children who were injured, will your lawyer see the claim through a mandatory conservatorship process and hearing for no additional fee? Or, will your injury lawyer happily have the opposing insurance company complete the process so he or she doesn’t have to spend the time and money to get court approval of your minor children’s settlement? And, years later, when your minor child turns 18, will your lawyer be around to terminate the conservatorship? And, at no additional fee?

    We handle conservatorships for children involved in car crashes, and are with our clients and their just-turned 18 year old children in court when it is time to terminate their conservatorships. And, we don’t charge extra for doing so.

Before hiring any personal injury lawyer or law firm, you should get answers to these questions. While the fees charged by most injury attorneys are generally standard, the service provided can be dramatically different. Not all personal injury lawyers and firms are the same. You don’t have to settle for less.

Call us to compare our excellent experience, service and knowledge. As experienced personal injury attorneys we handle all types of injury cases, from car crashes to medical malpractice, and will give your case the personal attention and care it deserves. Call us today if you need help. We can be reached at (480) 833-1113.

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