Arizona Files Thousands of Improper Child Support Liens

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The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) admitted recently that it filed inaccurate child support liens in at least 8,241 cases. The Department is tasked with helping enforce child support orders and tracking the payments, which, in some cases result in liens against property when payments are not made. The department improperly filed liens and failed to release liens after they were satisfied. In many cases liens were not properly tracked or documented, according to a spokesman, and the department is operating with decades old equipment – computers with green monochrome monitors from the 1980’s. The admissions at the department came after dozens of irate homeowners finally drove them to action, including legal suits to have the liens removed. The department was forced to hire dozens of new employees simply to manage the crisis. DES now claims that they will respond to any allegations of improper filings within 48 hours.

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