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Files Leaked – Cheating Spouses Exposed

Target, Staples, and Home Depot customer’s credit card information was hacked into this past year. Recently the website that caters to spouses seeking to be unfaithful to their spouse was compromised. Ashley Madison’s slogan is “Life is Short – have an affair”. First of all, what a terrible slogan and destructive premise. Secondly, those that are naïve or careless enough to log in and subscribe are just asking for trouble, especially if your name is published on a website encouraging infidelity. Those who subscribed have had their name, email address, and preferences published. They include over 90,000 women, government workers, celebrities, and politicians. Reportedly, some have committed suicide after the hacking due to shame, embarrassment, and remorse. Surprisingly and ironically, subscriptions to the website have increased since the hacking.

Marriage is a covenant and fidelity is expected and deserved. And for those poor souls who are enticed by the notion of some secret extramarital experience, they really are misguided.

Legally in many states spousal misconduct is not necessary for obtaining a divorce, which is called “No Fault.” Arizona is a no fault state. So if either spouse wants a divorce for any reason, he or she can divorce. From a practical and legal standpoint, spousal infidelity almost always ends in divorce. And to actually sign up for a website encouraging you to be unfaithful is poor judgment at best and devastating and cruel to your spouse and children, and now through hacking could expose your name to the community. There are sex offender databases, those that solicit prostitution are exposed and now those that are unfaithful or want to be may be exposed.

With our modern age of social media, electronic access to information and instant gratification mentality, the tools attorneys have available in court is amazing. As evidence in court for issues such as spousal misconduct, parental fitness, marital waste and attorney fees requests, we are looking for incriminating photos or information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, text messages, and emails. So if an unfaithful husband spent thousands of dollars on escort services, dating and cheaters websites, etc., the Court may allow us to use the evidence even in a no fault state.

My legal and personal advice: avoid any unfaithful behavior, keep your covenants, stay true, bridle your passions, love your spouse and stay off social media or internet sites that can be used by your very upset and angry soon to be ex spouse.

Hang in there, but if you find yourself in a bind and need a divorce, we are here to protect you!

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