Probate Law AZ | Cars & Trucks Can Transfer Probate Free

Kenneth BarneyKenneth Barney, Probate Attorney in ArizonaLeave a Comment

A new state law provides for probate free transfers of vehicles upon the death of the owner.

In other words, a beneficiary can receive a truck or car from their family at the time of the passing of the family member without the expense of going through the court system.

Arizonans may also transfer bank accounts, brokerage accounts, homes, IRA’s and insurance proceeds to beneficiaries free of probate.

There is paperwork involved to make these legal transfers upon death.

Some transfers require things to be recorded at the time of death; some accounts require special forms on file to make the transfer effective upon death and free of probate.

The new law for vehicle beneficiary documents is fairly easy and can be revoked or changed prior to death of the grantor.

If you want to transfer assets free of probate to your heirs, call us and we can help to navigate the process.

Depending on your net worth, a full estate plan may be in order.

Either way, call us at (480) 833-1113 to assist you. We can help provide comfort and confidence that upon your passing your wishes and your assets will be protected!

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