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Fellow Pilots:

Did you know that to safely and legally take off, go somewhere and land your aircraft, you must adhere to over 700 federal regulations!

We call them the FAR’s but they actually originate from the Code of Federal Regulations Titles 14 and 49.

I recently attended an NTSB Trial where an airman was facing a certificate revocation of all his certificates.

Basically, there are two areas the FAA prosecutes in: Operation of the Aircraft, including all practical test standards and Operations or Airworthiness of your Aircraft. Any violation can lead to enforcement actions.

The key to flying safe and legal is to know the regulations, fly enough to keep your skills up and finally be prepared if you make a mistake.

If you do violate an FAR you can file an NASA form which may keep you out of trouble. Secondly, contact your Aviation Attorney.

If you receive an LOI (letter of investigation) or proposed certificate action, my strong legal advice is, do NOT call the FSDO (flight standards district office) and confess. The FSDO folks do good work and promote safety at times but they are INVESTIGATORS who try to find out what you did wrong and ultimately, if they feel you are not worthy of your airman certificate, they will recommend enforcement to revoke or suspend your licenses.

Get good advice before you respond to the FAA. Take remedial training; make sure all your logbooks are up to date; make sure your aircraft is airworthy at all times and even with all that, you could be prosecuted.

In summary, it is not my intent to discourage you. It is my intent to promote safe and legal aviation.

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