Lessons on How Not to Act Like Charlie Sheen (If you want to keep custody of your children) | Child Custody Lawyer in Mesa Arizona

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  1. Living with two “Goddesses.” One is a porn star and the other, an adult exotic dancer. This may not communicate to the judge you have the best babysitters for your child
  2. Generally waiving any sort of knife or machete in public will make a judge question your parental fitness.
  3. Avoid using Facebook, blogs, twitter and other social networking sites to show off your lifestyle. These are not the places for pictures with you and your children while drinking alcohol or smoking pot, attending wild parties, etc.
  4. Illegal drug use is contrary to appropriate parenting, and children should never be exposed in any way to alcohol or drug usage.
  5. Giving random public speeches about cocaine use, assassins, tiger’s blood and bizarre behavior will not help your cause. In fact, the day after Sheen was on uncensored Sirrus radio with Howard Stern, his ex-wife had an emergency custody order.
  6. Arizona Statues require the court in any custody dispute to consider “the best interests of the child.” This includes the interaction of child with parents, siblings and others who may affect the child’s interests and the mental and physical health of all involved.

So what do we learn from these actions? You be the judge and govern your parenting accordingly. If you do believe your children are exposed to drugs, alcohol, inappropriate care givers, or acts of domestic violence, contact us to discuss obtaining emergency orders to protect your children.

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