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We are Mesa Arizona Attorneys providing statewide legal services since 1987.  At RC&B our lawyers are committed to excellence in responding promptly to our clients' legal needs, helping them resolve problems and build relationships with our cost-effective and high quality legal services.

Read below to see some brief summaries about the areas of law we currently practice in the state of Arizona. Follow the links to find more detailed descriptions about how our experienced Arizona attorneys can help you.

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Personal Injury Stretcher

Accidents-Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers in Mesa, Arizona can help if you or someone in your family have been the victim of an accident or other personal injury claim. Call us for your FREE personal injury consultation if you have had a car accident, suffered due to medical malpractice or think you have a wrongful death claim. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you today.

        Vehicle Accident Attorney
        • Auto Accidents
        • Motorcycle Accidents
        • Trucking Accidents
        • Boating Accidents
        • Airplane Accidents
        Medical Malpractice Lawyer
        • Misdiagnosis
        • Failure to Treat
        • Surgical Error
        • Doctor Error, Negligence
        • Nurse Negligence
        • Hospital Negligence
        • Drug Errors
        • Defective Medical Device
        Wrongful Death
        • Death Resulting from Negligent or Wrongful Conduct
        • Fatal Accidents
        • Auto Accidents
        • Nursing Home Negligence
        • Medical Malpractice

Aviation Flight Check

Aviation Lawyer

Our aviation lawyers in Mesa, Arizona are approved members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). They can represent and defend you against various FAA enforcement actions. If you are a member of the AOPA Legal Services plan you you are entitled to one free thirty (30) minute consultation for covered benefits.

        • Pilot Defense in FAA Cert Revocation
        • Pilot Suspension and Enforcement
        • Aircraft Accidents
        • Pilot Alcohol or Drug Testing
        • Violation of local or State flight rules
        • Customs Violations
        • Consult for Airplane Purchase

Business Law

Arizona Business Lawyer

We have experienced business lawyers and litigation attorneys here to help you form your corporation, negotiate a contract and manage any disputes you may be facing. Our experienced Arizona business lawyers can help you with your employment agreements, non-compete agreements and any other employment law needs your business may require.

Criminal Handcuffs and Fingerprints

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Arizona are here to aggressively defend and preserve the rights of the accused. Some of the more difficult criminal defense cases we have defended include: alcohol related accidents involving serious injury; domestic violence events; weapons violations; and dangerous crimes against children. Visit our criminal defense page to find out in more detail all ways our criminal defense team can help you.

        • Misdemeanor Theft / Shoplifting
        • Felonies
        • Crimes Against Children
        • Child Pornography
        • Child Protective Service Issues
        • Child Molestation
        • Sexual Misconduct with Minors
        • Murder-Homicide
        • Deadly weapons
        • Drug offenses
        • White collar crimes
        • DUIs/Traffic offenses
        • Juvenile delinquency

Child of Divorce

Phoenix Divorce Lawyer - Family Law Attorney

Our Phoenix Divorce and Family law attorneys located in Mesa, Arizona can help if you are facing a divorce in Arizona, struggling with child custody issues, require help modifying a previous separation agreement, or need help enforcing a divorce decree or child custody order. We have compassionate and experienced divorce and family law attorneys who know Arizona law and can help with all the legal problems your family is facing. We will fight to protect your family's rights.

Child of Divorce

Arizona Employment Law Attorney

Our employment law attorneys located in Mesa, AZ are able to advise you regarding various legal matters affecting employers and employees. You need an experienced employment lawyer before you get in over your head.

        • Employment Agreements
        • Severance Agreements
        • Protection of trade secrets and confidential information
        • Employee handbooks
        • Regulatory compliance
        • Avoiding discrimination claims

Estate Planning for all Generations

Arizona Estate Planning Attorney

We have experienced Estate Planning attorneys here to help in planning for your family's future. We can assist you in planning for your retirement years with estate and tax planning advice.

Estate Planning for all Generations

Arizona Probate Lawyer

Probate is a court controlled process for changing ownership from a decedent to his or her loved ones after death. We can help you successfully navigate the Probate court system in Arizona. Contact our Probate Attorneys today.

        • Informal Probate Administration (All AZ Counties)
        • Formal Probate Administration
        • Contested Probate Administration and Litigation
        • Small Estate Administration
        • Termination of JTWROS/CPWROS
        • Representation of Beneficiary/Heir
        • Representation of Personal Representative

Litigation Courtroom

AZ Lawsuit-Litigation Lawyer

When you face legal action in commercial litigation, you want immediate attention to protect your rights and property. We will facilitate resolutions to your problems quickly and thoroughly so you can prevent litigation and minimize damages.

        • Breach of contract actions
        • Judicial foreclosures
        • Mechanics' lien foreclosures
        • Employment law (wrongful discharge, discrimination, and sexual harassment)
        • Commercial real estate litigation including evictions, quiet title actions, brokerage commissions, property damage, breach of contract

Real Estate Downtown

Arizona Real Estate Lawyer

Our firm can provide you with the security of knowing that your real estate purchase or leasing agreements are specific and legally binding. Our clients include major residential and commercial developers, landlords and tenants, and community associations.

        • Sale or purchase of property
        • Boundary Disputes
        • Exchange of property
        • Lease of property
        • Development and construction projects
        • Easements
        • Quiet Title Actions
        • Lien Foreclosures


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