The Insidious Myth of Tort Reform | Medical Malpractice

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We all have the right to safety, to know that if we are harmed, those responsible will be held accountable, regardless of their occupation. For years, insurance companies and lobbyists have tried to sway state legislators and the public to adopt tort reform to supposedly bring down health care costs and prevent doctors from fleeing to tort reformed states. New … Read More

What to Know About Bike Laws and Bicycle Accidents in Arizona | #BicycleAccidentAttorney

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Bicycle Accident AttorneyJust as motorists may be surprised when an accident suddenly happens, things move just as quickly when bicyclists get into accidents. Intersections that accommodate both cars and bikes can be particularly hazardous, especially because sometimes motorists are not looking for cyclists or have difficulty seeing them. Accidents can also happen if a cyclist is pedaling through a construction zone and encounters uneven pavement, a pothole, or other obstacle that causes loss of control.

Personal Injury Lawyer | How We Can Help You

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At Rowley Chapman & Barney, we have personal injury attorneys who work relentlessly to hold accountable those responsible for injuries, damages, pain and suffering, and loss wages for accident victims all over Arizona. As more vehicles are on our roadways, and more drivers are distracted by their electronic devices, accidents are on the rise.

Who Will Pay For Your Personal Injuries?

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While a person involved in a car accident may not have any resulting fractures or visible bruises, neck and back pain caused by cervical acceleration/deceleration (“CAD”), also known as whiplash, can be quite severe. These soft tissue injuries may require treatment from a competent health care provider. For example, most chiropractors will evaluate the injured person and schedule a treatment … Read More