Mesa Arizona Divorce Lawyer | Hope Your Marriage is – Happy, Healthy & Terrific

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Well, here we go again, another article from the divorce attorney about what to do to keep your marriage healthy, happy and terrific. After 24 years of working with people whose marriages have failed, here are some tips to avoid a painful, expensive and acrimonious divorce. See what you think!

Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Mesa Arizona | Negotiation 101: Listening

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Who gets the house? How will we divide up the 401k? Where will the children go to school? Who gets the electric mixer? Negotiation is a daily part of my life as a family law attorney. Whether an issue is big or small, I have found that listening is one of the easiest and often most effective ways to improve negotiations and achieve my client’s goals.

Divorce Attorney Mesa AZ | For Poorer: Focusing on Relationships over Money | Scott Rowley

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A new study of over 1700 couples found a correlation between marital problems and the value spouses placed on “having money and lots of things.” According to the study, published by the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, couples who believe that money is not important scored up to 15 percent higher on marriage stability and other measures of relationship quality than more materialistic couples. Interestingly, couples with more money were more likely to have conflict over finances.