Family Law and Gay Marriage

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As a family law attorney it is significant that gay marriage is now federally recognized and is legal in 35 states, including Arizona. It has been nearly six months since U.S. District Judge John Sedwick struck down Arizona’s prohibition on same sex marriage as unconstitutional. Since that time, many same sex couples have become legally married in Arizona. Despite the … Read More

A Family Law Attorney Wonders – A Beta Marriage…What is going on? #FamilyLawAttorney

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Family Law is evolving . Millenials are the driving force. (Millenials are those reaching adulthood around the year 1980-2000). The actual definition of marriage is at the forefront. It is called the Beta marriage. So what is a Beta marriage? Beta was the latest release in the software cycle. You may have heard the terminology “a Beta Test”. In a … Read More

Avoiding Holiday Parenting Time Disputes

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Child Custody - Parenting Time

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend together as a family and make lasting memories for children.   Unfortunately, without fail, every holiday season I have clients call me with some sort of urgent parenting time issue.  Instead of children getting the opportunity to be children during the holidays, they are often thrust in the middle of these parenting time … Read More

Are Student Loans Community Property? Dividing Debt in Divorce

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Americans owe nearly $1 trillion dollars in student loan debt. As of 2010, student loans have even surpassed credit card debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. With student loan debt being so common, many people wonder how it is divided in a divorce, often where the debt is incurred largely by one spouse. Arizona is a … Read More

Divorce: Is it His, Mine or Ours?

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Going through a divorce is difficult enough especially when child custody is an issue. Add to that financial issues and it can become very contentious. Acrimony increases when spouses argue over what is His, Mine and Ours in the divorce. If you have assets or a business prior to marriage or inherit assets during the marriage, before you comingle, consider … Read More