Cheaters, Divorce & Social Media

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Files Leaked – Cheating Spouses Exposed Target, Staples, and Home Depot customer’s credit card information was hacked into this past year. Recently the website that caters to spouses seeking to be unfaithful to their spouse was compromised. Ashley Madison’s slogan is “Life is Short – have an affair”. First of all, what a terrible slogan and destructive premise. Secondly, those … Read More

A Family Law Attorney Wonders – A Beta Marriage…What is going on? #FamilyLawAttorney

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Family Law is evolving . Millenials are the driving force. (Millenials are those reaching adulthood around the year 1980-2000). The actual definition of marriage is at the forefront. It is called the Beta marriage. So what is a Beta marriage? Beta was the latest release in the software cycle. You may have heard the terminology “a Beta Test”. In a … Read More

Electronic Spying on Your Spouse #DivorceAttorney

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Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal reinforces what we should already know – that electronic data can last forever, and come back to haunt us.  Cheating spouses should know that their information, including emails, text/picture messages, phone logs, or even GPS data is easy to track.  As Mark Twain said it, “If you must be indiscrete, be discrete in your indiscretion.”  But … Read More

Divorce: Is it His, Mine or Ours?

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Going through a divorce is difficult enough especially when child custody is an issue. Add to that financial issues and it can become very contentious. Acrimony increases when spouses argue over what is His, Mine and Ours in the divorce. If you have assets or a business prior to marriage or inherit assets during the marriage, before you comingle, consider … Read More