Teen Sexting Can Lead to Criminal Charges #CriminalAttorney

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Teenagers who take sexually explicit photos or videos and text them to their friends may subject the sender and receiver to possible child pornography charges. Our child pornography laws were designed to deter, discourage and to punish hard core distributors, predators and sexual deviants from the sexual exploitation of children. “Teen Sexting” is a foolish and reckless act conducted by … Read More

Can Arizona Cops Seize my Medical Marijuana? #CriminalLawyer

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As a criminal defense attorney in Arizona I can tell you that under Arizona law, police officers are vested with authority to immediately seize illegal drugs, including marijuana. Pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3413(C), seized drugs are then “summarily forfeited” which means that they are never returned to the owner and are destroyed without any kind of due process hearing. The fact … Read More

Criminal Defense Lawyer Mesa Arizona | Did You Know You Should Move Over?

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Over the past decade, almost every state in the Union has enacted a “Move Over” law. These laws seek to reduce injuries to police officers and emergency personnel who are issuing citations or providing medical care on the side of the road. If you do not appreciate the frequent danger these men and women encounter during a simple traffic stop, … Read More

Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ | Brian Strong | If He Kicks Fido, Are You Next?

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After three decades in the criminal justice system, I have developed my own time-honored truths about the human soul. One of these truths is: There is something deeply disturbing about people who abuse animals. These types are definitely not the kind of people you want your son or daughter to date. People who abuse animals are downright sinister. And, like an iceberg, what little we see above the surface is a good predictor of the pending dangers lurking hidden below the surface.