Corporate Law Attorney – The Importance of Corporate Designations #CorporateLawAttorney

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As a business and corporate law attorney I find it interesting that many business owners do not understand there are significant advantages to forming a separate legal entity, such as an LLC or a corporation, to run a business, but fail to realize the full benefit these entities can provide. As a way to relate why it is important to … Read More

The Business Law Of Twinkies and Trade Names #BusinessLawAttorney

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Being a business law attorney it came to my attention, as I walked down the snack food aisle at the grocery store, and noticed a product that looked similar to a “Twinkie” that product copying can clearly be a problem for a business owner. The snack cake I saw was clearly not a “Twinkie”, however, and had a completely different … Read More

When A Business Has A Change In Leadership #BusinessLawyer

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Pope Benedict XVI announced recently that he will be resigning his position as the leader of the Catholic Church. While a Pope’s resignation is not common, it is common for leaders of businesses to resign their positions, either because of age, a sale of the business, a forced resignation by others with an interest in the business, or any number … Read More