Obamacare May Increase Health Coverage After Divorce #DivorceAttorney

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Arizona law prohibits either spouse in a divorce proceeding from removing the other spouse from health insurance plans. This allows continuity of coverage during the proceeding, but once the divorce is finalized, it is typically each party’s own responsibility to provide their own insurance, and many find themselves without coverage. Naturally, this is often most difficult for an unemployed spouse, … Read More

Arizona Child Support Cases Weighed Carefully by Judges

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An Arizona appellate court has revisited an earlier ruling in the divorce settlement of Phoenix-area NBA star Steve Nash and his now-ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla Nash. Our Maricopa County divorce attorneys understand that there were two primary points of contention: An earlier child support agreement. The ongoing disparaging comments both parties were making publicly about one another. First, let’s talk about … Read More

Are Student Loans Community Property? Dividing Debt in Divorce

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Americans owe nearly $1 trillion dollars in student loan debt. As of 2010, student loans have even surpassed credit card debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. With student loan debt being so common, many people wonder how it is divided in a divorce, often where the debt is incurred largely by one spouse. Arizona is a … Read More

Lessons From Chad Johnson AKA “Chad Ochocinco” and Evelyn Lozada AKA “Ev”

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Domestic Violence is Unacceptable! They were recently married, had a reality TV show “Ev and Ocho” on TV in the works, Dolphins wide receiver, life was good . . . . . . . or maybe not. Ochocinco has been arrested for domestic violence after head butting Ev. The Dolphins terminated his lucrative contract, Ev has filed for divorce, and … Read More

Domestic Violence Leads to Divorce

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It is no surprise that abusive relationships often end in divorce. After a mere 41 days of marriage, television personality Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce from her husband and NFL star Chad Johnson. Johnson was recently arrested after allegedly head-butting Lozada. Johnson was then released by the Miami Dolphins one day later, and his legal troubles are just kicking off.