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Sex Crime Defense Requires Specialized Expertise

Sexual offenses are some of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of. Many of these offenses carry mandatory prison sentences including life sentences. These crimes are different than any other crime because many of the investigation techniques by law enforcement agencies and factors that go into whether a case is charged by the prosecuting office are unique to sexual offenses. Additionally, many of the laws associated with sex crimes including the length of punishment and even the type of evidence that is admissible in court are unique only to these types of offenses. Law enforcement agencies and prosecution offices hire and train specialists to work these crimes because these types of crimes are so unique.

Examples of Sex Crimes We Can Handle

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Child Molestation Child Pornography Sexual Conduct With a Minor
Child Prostitution Prostitution Solicitation of Prostitution
Sexual Abuse Indecent Exposure Public Sexual Indecency
Sexual Assault Luring a Minor for Exploitation Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

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Why Hire A Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer?
  • To protect the innocent
  • To safeguard important rights
  • To Challenge police conduct or suppress evidence
  • To ensure that the punishment is not excessive and fits the behavior
  • To Locate expert witnesses
  • To Locate polygraphers; and
  • To Negotiate the best possible plea agreement

Our Sex Crime Attorneys Have a Proven Record of Success

Given the specialized nature of these offenses, it is especially important to hire a specialist who is uniquely qualified to handle these offenses and who is capable of defending a person charged with a sexual offense. The criminal defense team at Rowley Chapman and Barney has over 30 years of combined training and experience working in this specialized area of criminal law.

Our sex crime attorneys have prior judicial experience as well as over a decade of prior law enforcement and prosecution experience where they specialized in sexual offenses. Collectively they have worked and successfully handled many hundreds of cases involving sex crimes and have completed and obtained successful results in dozens of sex crimes jury trials. Brian Strong and Matthew Long have demonstrated they are two of the most experienced attorneys in Arizona who defend sex crimes cases and crimes involving children. They get positive results for their clients.

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At Rowley Chapman & Barney, we give each client the very best defense possible. You are not just a case number to us, we take the time to find all the facts and protect your rights. Don’t wait any longer, if you have been accused or arrested, you need the help of an experienced sex crime lawyer today.

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