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Living Wills

Our Arizona estate planning attorneys in Mesa would like you to know that a living will is a Estate Planning Senior Adultslegal document that works in conjunction with a properly drafted medical power of attorney whereby you are able to instruct:

  • Your Family
  • The Hospital
  • and Your Doctors

About your wishes pertaining to being kept alive on artificial life support and or artificial feeding mechanisms when in an irreversible terminal condition.

This “pull the plug” document is very important to avoid possible court battles between disagreeing loved ones when faced with such situations.

The most well known court battle is the Terri Schiavo case and the lengthy court battle in the State of Florida between her husband and her parents over whether or not they should take her off of life support.

Each estate plan, whether a simple will based plan or revocable living trust based plan should include a living will to deal with unfortunate but real situations.

Please contact estate planning attorney, Kenneth Barney at [email protected] or call him at 480-833-1113 or call him at 480-833-1113 for more information about a living will.

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