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We are experienced and successful Arizona spousal maintenance attorneys. Spousal maintenance is also commonly known as alimony.

The basic thing to know is that the courts are somewhat stingy when it comes to granting spousal maintenance requests. But that doesn’t mean that you may not qualify for spousal maintenance, and it may not even be a sizable amount of money based on factors in your case.

The overall idea behind spousal maintenance is that it’s supposed to be rehabilitative in nature. In other words; what do you need so that you can get to a point that you’re capable of earning good money or that you can be on a somewhat comparable financial setting as your spouse.

There is a gateway part of the statute which is the courts way to look at whether you even qualify to receive spousal maintenance. The court is going to look at:

  • How much property did you receive in the divorce?
  • Your own earning ability. Are you able to be self-sufficient?
    • Have you primarily been a stay-at-home parent caring for young children?
    • Did you provide the other spouse with educational opportunities, and
    • Is the marriage of a long duration so that you are you of an age, that it may preclude you from being able to obtain gainful employment?
    You only have to qualify under one of the issues shown above. The courts will look at all factors to determine how much and how long spousal maintenance should last.

    Some other examples included in determining spousal maintenance are:

    • The standard of living during the marriage
    • The duration of the marriage
    • Past employment history
    • The mental and physical health of both parties
    • Did you help the other spouse receive specialized job training or a degree during the marriage?

    The court is going to evaluate the financial resources that you receive from the divorce. So if you are ending up with a million dollars worth of property, it’s not as likely that you are going to be getting a lot of spousal maintenance, or for an extended period of time either.

    If you are going to be required to find employment for yourself, the court is going to decide how long are you will need to receive training in order to find suitable employment adequate enough for you to support yourself.

    One other factor that will be considered is the cost of health insurance that you will need to begin providing for yourself.

    You need an experienced spousal maintenance attorney to help evaluate if you are entitled to receive, or required to pay spousal maintenance. Each case is different and we will ensure the court considers all of the factors of your own unique situation. Call us today at (480) 833-1113 to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

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