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Legal Separation Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

We are experienced legal separation attorneys in Mesa, Arizona. You may be wondering if there is a legal separation option instead of divorce in Arizona. Yes, the courts do allow for legal separation.

A legal separation occurs where spouses agree to separate from one another. The marriage remains legally intact, but the couple formally agrees to live separately. Conversely, a divorce is permanent and ends a marriage.

There is no time limitation on how long a legal separation may last. A couple can live in a state of legal separation indefinitely, even the rest of their lives if that is what they want to do.

Conversion to divorce?

If you decide you want to permanently end the marriage, Arizona law permits the conversion of a legal separation to a divorce instead.

Obtaining a legal separation agreement can be just as complicated as negotiating a divorce. You should seek the counsel of an experienced legal separation attorney to prepare the separation agreement to be filed with the court ensuring your rights are fully protected.

We can help you with your legal separation agreement, call us today.

How can we help you?

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