Misdemeanor Probation Violations in Arizona
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Misdemeanor Probation Violation in Arizona

probation violationWhen you’ve committed a misdemeanor in Arizona, chances are that you may be put on probation, which will include certain limitations and requirements. Probation violations for misdemeanors may result in anywhere from a month or two for a Class 3 violation up to three full years for a Class 1 violation. Misdemeanor probation is separate from felony probation, which carries higher penalties for violations.

The State of Arizona takes probation violations very seriously, as lack of compliance may indicate that an individual is either unwilling or unable to remain accountable to the state until the probationary period is complete. This is why contacting a lawyer who can help you understand and fight probation violations is critical when it comes to protecting your rights.
For probation violation defense in Mesa, contact a Mesa criminal defense lawyer at Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd. at 480-833-1113 so that we can help you to understand your charges and defend you in court.

What Is a Misdemeanor Probation Violation?
In Arizona, serious crimes (known as felonies) include things like aggravated assault, homicide, and rape. Misdemeanors are lesser violations of the law, including underage drinking, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the possession of certain illicit substances like marijuana, or lying to an officer of the law. These instances often result in the offending individual serving a probationary period to ensure that he or she is in compliance with the law.

If you are on probation, you can expect to be visited or made to visit with officers of the court on a regular basis, and may be required to partake in community service. Furthermore, you can expect to have to pay restitution to any victims of your misdemeanor, fines to the state and local government. Additionally, you’ll likely be required to participate in some sort of rehabilitation program or community service.

Violating probation of a misdemeanor charge means noncompliance with any of the terms of your probation – for example, drunk driving while on probation, partaking of illicit substances, failure to pay restitution or fines, or not participating in required community service are all considered probation violations. While the misdemeanor charge for which an individual serving probation may not seem that serious, violating probation increases the potential for significant criminal sanctions under the law.

Consequences of Misdemeanor Probation Violation
When you face a probation violation, you will have to appear before a judge and answer why the terms of your probation were not met. Consequences of violating your probation can be fairly severe. A judge may decide to extend your probation, impose additional terms (including fines and community service), or may require more stringent monitoring of your activities. In certain instances of probation violation, the judge may determine that your probation should be revoked and may require you to be sentenced on the underlying charge.

Although a misdemeanor does not carry the consequences of a felony, misdemeanor probation violation is nevertheless a serious matter. Probation violations in Arizona vary, and without the legal knowledge to defend yourself, it’s quite possible that a probation violation will result in far-reaching consequences greater than the original misdemeanor that landed you on probation in the first place.

Probation Violation Defense Attorneys in Mesa
Those facing probation violations in Arizona can contact a criminal defense lawyer at Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd., by calling (480) 833-2341 for help today.

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