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We are experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorneys representing criminal defendants in both the state and federal court systems. Our criminal defense practice in Arizona is focused primarily on major felony cases; however, the firm handles misdemeanor and juvenile cases as well. The firm is uniquely situated to guide clients though the criminal justice system because firm attorneys have previously worked as police officers and prosecutors.

If you face criminal charges, our Mesa criminal defense lawyers offer extensive courtroom experience, having successfully argued cases before the Arizona Supreme Court.

With our firm you have 24-hour access to attorneys who will represent your case diligently.

Criminal Defense Attorney For
Police Car Criminal arrest
          • Appeals / Expungement
          • Assault / Battery
          • Guns & Weapons Charges
          • Homicide / Murder
          • Juvenile Crime
          • Misdemeanor Probation Violations
          • Misdemeanor Theft / Shoplifting
          • Rape / Sex Crime
          • Robbery / Theft
Vehiclular Crimes Attorney
Vehiclular Crime
          • DUI/DWI Alcohol
          • DUI/DWI Drugs
          • Manslaughter and Negligent Homicide
          • Reckless Driving
          • Road Rage
Dangerous Crimes Against Children Attorney
Child Abuse Crime
          • Child Abuse
          • Child Neglect
          • Child Pornography
          • Child Protective Service Issues
          • Child Molestation
          • Sexual Misconduct with Minors
Drug Crimes Attorney
Drug Crime
          • Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs
          • Fraudulent Prescriptions
          • Drug Manufacturing
          • Drug Possession
          • Sale of illegal drugs
White Collar Crime Attorney
White Collar Crime
          • Mortgage Fraud
          • Identity Theft
          • Embezzlement
Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic Violence Crimes
          • Assault
          • Disorderly Conduct
          • Threatening and Intimidating
          • Orders of Protection
I just wanted to drop you a note in regards to our attorney Brian Strong and staff. I came to your office upset and not knowing how to help my son. I didn't know whom to trust and that is a scary feeling. After meeting with Brian and his staff, I realized I was in good hands! He said he could help us with my son's situation and he did! It was a hard road but one I was helped throughout the whole process. I was informed by Brian and his staff every step of the way. Everyone was efficient and knowledgeable. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you! I feel very lucky to have had the outcome with my son that we received. I don't think any other legal team could have done any better!

The purposes for hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer are three fold:

  1. to protect the innocent;
  2. to safeguard important rights; and
  3. to ensure that the punishment is not excessive and fits the behavior.

Arizona is incredibly harsh when doling out punishment. There are crimes which most states consider misdemeanors yet, in Arizona, the exact same conduct carries a mandatory prison term of 10 years per count. This attitude permeates the Arizona sentencing statutes.

Crimes exist in varying degrees or levels. Big crimes are called felonies. Baby crimes are called misdemeanors. Most felonies do not require any lock-up time. Ironically, however, there are Arizona misdemeanors that mandate significant jail time.

A 2nd Offense DUI violation can mandate as much as 180 days in jail. Knowing the mandatory sentencing requirements, and how to plea bargain around them, is essential for individualized justice to occur.


Negotiation in the criminal arena requires different skills than those used to settle a civil dispute. Knowing the law is important, but knowing when the best deal has been presented is essential and only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you decide when the prosecution's offer is as good as it will get!

Occasionally the first plea offer presented is proper given the facts of a case, but often it is not. Understanding the difference between the facts that can be applied to your case and the facts that should be applied to your case requires a keen understanding of the criminal justice system and the people who are involved.


When determining whether to charge or pursue a conviction for a given offense, prosecutors take several issues into consideration including conduct which is often not part of the offense itself. Prosecutors simply do not view the world like the rest of society does. Prosecutors do not believe in the presumption of innocence. Prosecutors firmly believe that all arrested individuals are guilty of something. Having previously worked as a prosecutor, Brian understands what facts and arguments can mellow the prosecution and bring reality back to your case.


Prosecutors deal with hundreds of defendants each and every year. Prosecutors are simply handling case files with numbers. Their job is to keep the massive herd of criminal defendants flowing through the system. Experienced criminal defense attorneys have the ability to compel a prosecutor to view their client as an individual who requires specialized treatment. Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer not only humanizes those charged with criminal offenses, but it also distinguishes the facts of one case from another.

How Our Criminal Defense Team Can Help You...
  • Locate expert witnesses
  • Work with blood alcohol content experts
  • Locate polygraphers
  • Negotiate the best possible plea agreement
  • With our years of trial experience to present your case to a jury

TIP: If you are faced with criminal charges, it is very important that you have an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney present before speaking with the police. Call us 24/7 (480) 833-2341.

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