Juvenile Court Jurisdiction | Juvenile Defense Attorney

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Arizona Expands Juvenile Court Jurisdiction to Age Nineteen As a juvenile defense attorney I believe that in theory, the underlying purpose of juvenile court is rehabilitation, not punishment. To assist in that endeavor, the juvenile courts of most states keep jurisdiction beyond an offender’s eighteenth birthday – in many states until age twenty-one. That way, if a juvenile has a … Read More

When Can Children Choose | Child Custody Attorney

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At What Age Does a Child Get to Choose Where They Want to Live? “My daughter doesn’t like living at Dad’s house. What’s the age in Arizona when she gets to decide?” As a child custody attorney I hear this and similar questions about once a week. The simple answer is there is no law in Arizona that specifies a … Read More

Are online reviews truthful?

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Alternative Facts or Fake News: the Online Review Farce No one likes bad reviews, but few take the time to sue over them, and fewer sue the review platform instead of the writers themselves. But that’s not the case for two East Coast lawyers. A New York lawyer has sued Google to identify an anonymous reviewer who gave him a … Read More