Alexander Hamilton and the Cost of Principle: Is a Lawsuit Worth the Price? | Lawsuit Attorney

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As a lawsuit attorney I am fascinated with one of the most regrettable episodes which occurred in the early days of our nation, the duel between long-time political rivals Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr. Burr, offended by a report that Hamilton had defamed Burr’s character, demanded that Hamilton disavow any negative statements regarding Burr or, alternatively, face Burr … Read More

When a Contract Is Not a Contract | Contract Attorney in Arizona

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As an experienced contract attorney in Arizona I find it interesting that going into the 1860 Republican nominating convention, it was far from certain who would emerge as the presidential candidate for the young party. One of those with hopes of winning the nomination, Abraham Lincoln, did not attend the convention but had friends there lobbying on his behalf. But … Read More

Who can I sue if my team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl? #LawsuitAttorney

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Apparently, this is the question one man asked himself after the Dallas Cowboys lost in the NFL playoffs to the Green Bay Packers. A key play in that game came in the fourth quarter when a pass to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was ruled incomplete after first being ruled a catch. The overturned call, and subsequent Packers victory, did not … Read More

Who Should Be My Life Insurance Beneficiary? #EstatePlanningAttorney

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The question, “who should be your designated beneficiary under your life insurance policy” is a very important family decision that should be made after careful consideration of all relevant family and financial goals in mind. As an experienced estate planning attorney, I strongly suggest if you have a blended family, minor children, disabled children, spend thrift children/beneficiaries, a single parent, … Read More

In Business & Corporate Law Avoiding a Messy Business Divorce is Important! #BusinessAttorney

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When people come together to begin a business, they may not think the time will come when they will not get along. But if, after many years, you and your business partner no longer see eye-to-eye when it comes to how to operate your business, what is to be done? The late Mickey Rooney once quipped: “A lot of people … Read More