Legal Decision Making over Children | Child Custody Attorney

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After Divorce Who Really Has Legal Decision Making Authority Now? During a divorce or custody dispute, the judge must determine who is going to make the major decisions for the children. Arizona Revised Statute #25-401(3) defines legal decision making as the right and responsibility to make all non-emergency decisions for a child, including those regarding education, health care, religious training … Read More

Legal Decision Making | Is AZ a Pro Mother State | Child Custody Mesa AZ

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Is Arizona Still Considered a “Pro-Mother” State for Legal Decision Making? Many clients have come to me asking the question, “Isn’t Arizona a pro-mother state?” Historically, Arizona was considered a pro-mother state; however, times have changed. More often, we see family law judges beginning the legal decision making and parenting time analysis at substantially equal parenting time and legal decision … Read More

Welcome Aboard ~ Nicole Bernabé | Divorce Attorney

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We are proud to introduce Nicole Bernabé as the newest divorce attorney to join our firm. Nicole joined the firm in April and is busy building her Family Law practice. Her previous work history has made her a highly experienced Arizona divorce and family law attorney. Nicole has the ability to listen to her clients to determine the best strategy … Read More

Parenting Coordinator Rule Change | Divorce & Family Law Attorney

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Divorced parents often remain in conflict, even for years after the divorce is finalized. Sometimes this animosity fuels years of “post-decree” battling over custodial issues. In many high conflict cases, a judge would appoint a third-party, called a parenting coordinator, to resolve ongoing disputes and provide guidance to the court. Judges relied heavily on these parenting coordinators, as they have … Read More

Domestic Violence – Child Custody (Legal Decision-Making)

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As an attorney practicing both criminal defense and family law, I often handle cases in which one parent accuses the other of domestic violence. If my client has been accused, the question is always the same: can I lose custody of my children because of such accusations? Arizona law no longer refers to “child custody.” Instead, parents have rights to: … Read More

Community Property in Arizona

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As a family law attorney in both Arizona and California, I am often asked about community property. When does your ex-spouse stop having a claim to your property and earnings? The answer depends upon the state in which your divorce is filed. In Arizona, the rule is clear: any property, including wages, which you acquire after a petition for divorce … Read More

Arizona Files Thousands of Improper Child Support Liens

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The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) admitted recently that it filed inaccurate child support liens in at least 8,241 cases. The Department is tasked with helping enforce child support orders and tracking the payments, which, in some cases result in liens against property when payments are not made. The department improperly filed liens and failed to release liens after … Read More

Gray Divorce | Mesa Divorce Attorney

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Older Couples ending their marriage in divorce! As a long time and experienced divorce attorney I have seen that the rates of divorcing couples over the age of 50 has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. When younger couples divorce their issues are regarding child custody, parenting time, child support, allocation of debts and spousal maintenance if there is … Read More