Dangerous Crimes Against Children

Criminal Defense Lawyer | Should a California Teacher be Charged Fourteen Years Later For Misconduct With a Minor?

The criminal statutes of every state in the Union contain time limitations. Although the various states differ greatly in their applicable limitation periods, the reason for their existence is always the same. “Statutes of limitation in criminal cases are designed primarily to protect the accused from the burden of defending himself against charges of long completed misconduct. Read the rest of this entry »

Criminal Defense Lawyer Mesa AZ | What Can We Learn From Penn State and Failure To Report Laws? | Brian Strong

Until the recent media blitz regarding the Penn State – Joe Paterno – Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, very few people ever asked me about their duty to report the physical or sexual abuse of a child. If, however, you are now curious, then this article is for you. Read the rest of this entry »