Life Insurance Pitfalls | Estate Planning Attorney Ken Barney

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Life Insurance Policy Ownership Pitfalls: What Should I be Aware of? Life insurance can play an important role in an estate plan. Insurance may provide income replacement to a surviving spouse or liquidity to an estate where the majority of the estate’s value is tied up in a family business or real property. Insurance can provide the funds that an … Read More

Welcome Aboard ~ Nicole Bernabé | Divorce Attorney

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We are proud to introduce Nicole Bernabé as the newest divorce attorney to join our firm. Nicole joined the firm in April and is busy building her Family Law practice. Her previous work history has made her a highly experienced Arizona divorce and family law attorney. Nicole has the ability to listen to her clients to determine the best strategy … Read More

Employer Liability | AZ Employment Law Attorney

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Shakespeare, Fox News, and Employer Liability: As an employment law attorney I find it interesting that even today’s standards would be applicable in King Henry V’s time, read on to see what I mean. At his army’s camp at Agincourt on the eve of battle, Shakespeare’s Henry V, without disclosing his true identity, wanders among some of his soldiers. A … Read More

Juvenile Rehabilitation | Juvenile Defense Attorney

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Does Arizona Believe in Juvenile Rehabilitation?   Why is my teenager being charged in adult court? As an Arizona juvenile defense attorney with experience as a juvenile judge pro tem, I hear this question on a regular basis. Somewhere deep in our minds, we all know that it does not take a bazooka to kill a mosquito. Yet loving parents … Read More

DUI MVD Ignition Interlock | DUI Defense Attorney

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I Had a DUI, but why is the MVD Forcing Me to Keep an Ignition Interlock for a Second Year? When you are charged with DUI, you face two complex legal battles. The first is with the criminal courts and involves the harsh reality of mandatory jail time and thousands of dollars in fines, assessments and jail costs. The second … Read More

Are online reviews truthful?

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Alternative Facts or Fake News: the Online Review Farce No one likes bad reviews, but few take the time to sue over them, and fewer sue the review platform instead of the writers themselves. But that’s not the case for two East Coast lawyers. A New York lawyer has sued Google to identify an anonymous reviewer who gave him a … Read More

Infant Left Alone in the Car | Child Abuse Defense Attorney

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Don’t Ever Leave Any Infant Alone in the Car. I have been a child abuse defense attorney in Maricopa County for more than twenty five years. Every fall and winter, when the temperature drops below 80 degrees, I get a fresh wave of clients who as parents, left their infants sleeping unattended in the family car while they dashed into … Read More

Estate Plan Taxes | Estate Planning Attorney

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What Does a Trump Presidential Victory Mean to My Estate Plan and Estate Taxes? Regardless whether you lean towards the political left or right, the results of the 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections will result in changes to our current estate and gift tax laws. Since 2013, when the last major estate and gift tax laws were enacted, we have … Read More