Criminal Law and Mental Health | Criminal Defense Attorney

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As a criminal defense attorney who has worked in the mental health field, I was surprised to learn that on July 27, 2016, a federal judge ordered the release of John Hinckley, Jr. from the mental health facility to which he was committed in 1982. The news that President Reagan’s would-be assassin will be released into society brings renewed attention … Read More

Auto Insurance Company Claims | Accident Injury Attorney

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As an experienced accident injury attorney I know that in their never-ending quest to maximize their profits, auto insurance companies experiment with various, at times questionable, tactics to deprive accident victims from payment for their injuries and property damage. Some insurers even try to change the laws of some of the states. I Like Your Sheep Outfit, Mr. Wolf: What … Read More

Parenting Coordinator Rule Change | Divorce & Family Law Attorney

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Divorced parents often remain in conflict, even for years after the divorce is finalized. Sometimes this animosity fuels years of “post-decree” battling over custodial issues. In many high conflict cases, a judge would appoint a third-party, called a parenting coordinator, to resolve ongoing disputes and provide guidance to the court. Judges relied heavily on these parenting coordinators, as they have … Read More

Domestic Violence – Child Custody (Legal Decision-Making)

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As an attorney practicing both criminal defense and family law, I often handle cases in which one parent accuses the other of domestic violence. If my client has been accused, the question is always the same: can I lose custody of my children because of such accusations? Arizona law no longer refers to “child custody.” Instead, parents have rights to: … Read More

DUI Driver’s License Suspension Changes | DUI Defense Attorney

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Arizona Finally Removes Driver License Disparity in Misdemeanor DUI Cases. As a former police officer turned DUI defense attorney, I have represented numerous misdemeanor and felony DUI clients in every county in Arizona. Some clients fixate on the potential jail time. Others are troubled by the obnoxious fines and fees. But sooner or later, every DUI client wants to know … Read More

Can Medical Marijuana result in Child Abuse charges?

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As a seasoned Mesa criminal defense attorney, I have defended many parents who have been arrested on child abuse or child endangerment charges simply because the adult’s life choices place him or her near illegal drugs on a daily basis. These are not typical child abuse cases, such as when children are neglected or corporal punishment has gone awry. Child … Read More

Criminal Defense Attorney and the 50th Anniversary of Miranda

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As a criminal defense attorney it is notable to me that June 13, 2016, marks the 50th anniversary of one of the U.S. Supreme Court’s most famous decisions. Thanks to the Miranda opinion, anyone who has seen a TV crime drama is familiar with four standard warnings: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be held … Read More

Community Property in Arizona

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As a family law attorney in both Arizona and California, I am often asked about community property. When does your ex-spouse stop having a claim to your property and earnings? The answer depends upon the state in which your divorce is filed. In Arizona, the rule is clear: any property, including wages, which you acquire after a petition for divorce … Read More

Estate Planning Litigation Attorney | When a Will May Not be the Way

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We read in the Bible the parable of a rich man who had the problem of figuring out what to do with all of the goods he had accumulated. He determined to build larger barns to store all that he had. However, God told the man that very night that his soul would be taken, thus leaving the question “Whose … Read More

In An Accident? Don’t Be Caught Unaware | Auto Accident Attorney

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As an auto accident attorney I have noticed that with the New Year, several auto insurance companies began recycling a tactic to deprive accident victims of the fair compensation to which they are entitled. This has been used many times over the years. First, the insurance claims adjuster for the driver-at-fault quickly makes contact with the accident victim – sometimes … Read More