Auto Accident Attorney | Arizona 2015 Crash Facts

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Arizona Auto Accident Attorney As an experienced auto accident attorney in Arizona even I find the most recently released car crash statistics alarming. According to, even with increases in our population, fatal crashes in Arizona decreased from 1,121 in 2006 to 709 in 2014. Sadly, that number rose to 811 in 2015. Indeed, the number of traffic deaths also … Read More

Uber Drivers and Car Accidents | Auto Accident Attorney

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A Ridesharing Auto Accident Can be Uber Complicated: What You Need to Know Before and After One. Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps continue to grow more popular throughout Arizona and the world. Requesting an Uber ride is easy, quick, and usually much cheaper than a taxi. Some people believe – especially Uber promoters – that ride share services are … Read More

When a Contract Is Not a Contract | Contract Attorney in Arizona

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As an experienced contract attorney in Arizona I find it interesting that going into the 1860 Republican nominating convention, it was far from certain who would emerge as the presidential candidate for the young party. One of those with hopes of winning the nomination, Abraham Lincoln, did not attend the convention but had friends there lobbying on his behalf. But … Read More

DUI Defense Lawyer | DUI For a Busted Tail light?

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How can they charge me with DUI when I was stopped for a busted tail light? Before becoming an Arizona DUI defense lawyer, I was a police officer for several years and received specialized training in DUI enforcement. One of the first things a rookie cop learns is that probable cause for a DUI arrest does not have to exist … Read More

Brock Turner Rape Case | Victims’ Rights Attorney

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Brock Turner: The Stanford Rape Case and Victims’ Rights As a victims’ rights attorney, I was surprised when the Stanford rape case sentence was announced, and Brock Turner received a sentence of only six months in the county jail (and three years’ probation) in lieu of any prison time. How is it possible that a man facing fourteen years in … Read More

Marijuana Defense Attorney | Does the Odor of Marijuana Justify Probable Cause for a Search?

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Can a cop search my home or vehicle without consent just because he smells marijuana? This question is one I field on a regular basis as new clients seek out an experienced marijuana defense attorney. “After all,” the new client will invariable ask, “isn’t medical marijuana now legal in this state.” Unfortunately, when it comes to probable cause for a … Read More

Criminal Law and Mental Health | Criminal Defense Attorney

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As a criminal defense attorney who has worked in the mental health field, I was surprised to learn that on July 27, 2016, a federal judge ordered the release of John Hinckley, Jr. from the mental health facility to which he was committed in 1982. The news that President Reagan’s would-be assassin will be released into society brings renewed attention … Read More

Auto Insurance Company Claims | Accident Injury Attorney

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As an experienced accident injury attorney I know that in their never-ending quest to maximize their profits, auto insurance companies experiment with various, at times questionable, tactics to deprive accident victims from payment for their injuries and property damage. Some insurers even try to change the laws of some of the states. I Like Your Sheep Outfit, Mr. Wolf: What … Read More

Parenting Coordinator Rule Change | Divorce & Family Law Attorney

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Divorced parents often remain in conflict, even for years after the divorce is finalized. Sometimes this animosity fuels years of “post-decree” battling over custodial issues. In many high conflict cases, a judge would appoint a third-party, called a parenting coordinator, to resolve ongoing disputes and provide guidance to the court. Judges relied heavily on these parenting coordinators, as they have … Read More