Domestic Violence Liability | Criminal Defense Attorney

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Civil Liability to a Landlord for Acts of Domestic Violence. There are many civil sanctions and prohibitions that can result from an Arizona criminal conviction. As a seasoned Arizona criminal defense attorney, I routinely warn my clients about these looming “collateral consequences.” Most people know that convicted felons lose the right to vote and the right to bear arms, but … Read More

Domestic Violence Rights | Family Law Attorney

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Early Termination of a Lease After Acts of Domestic Violence. Arizona law provides many rights for victims of crimes. Victims of domestic violence have even more rights, and as a family law attorney, I am always eager to help crime victims learn about rights they did not know existed. Like many states, Arizona has enacted a Victims Bill of Rights. … Read More

Shoplifting & Employee Theft | Criminal Defense Attorney

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Do the Courts Care if My Kid is a Klepto? (Shoplifting & Employee Theft) As an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney, I have learned that certain crimes tend to occur with more frequency during the holiday season. Shoplifting and employee theft are two of those crimes. According to a recent report released by Checkpoint Systems (known as The Global Retail … Read More

Gray Divorce | Mesa Divorce Attorney

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Older Couples ending their marriage in divorce! As a long time and experienced divorce attorney I have seen that the rates of divorcing couples over the age of 50 has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. When younger couples divorce their issues are regarding child custody, parenting time, child support, allocation of debts and spousal maintenance if there is … Read More

Pamela Sandberg – Associate Attorney

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We would like to welcome Pamela Sandberg as our newest associate attorney at Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd. Ms. Sandberg joined the firm as a paralegal in 2014 and since arriving studied diligently to take the Arizona bar exam in July. Her practice areas will consist of criminal defense law, and divorce and family law. To learn more about Nicky, … Read More

Estate Planning Attorney | Should I Transfer My Vehicles to my Trust?

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As an estate planning attorney in Arizona I am always asked if after you have signed your revocable living trust, what if anything should you do about your vehicles or other assets titled through Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division? First of all, let me remind you, if you have a revocable living trust, the “funding” of your trust (which means transferring … Read More

How Can I Avoid Probate | Arizona Probate Attorney

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One of the main questions clients will ask is, “How I can avoid probate when I pass away?” This common question stems from a long history of “probate” being associated as an evil word or a long and expensive legal process, which is to be avoided at all costs. It is true that probate is court driven, public, can be … Read More

Child Support Attorney | Remedies for Non-Payment of Child Support

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There are several remedies in Arizona Courts for parents who are not receiving child support that is owed. Recently, the Maricopa County Superior Court has changed some aspects of child support enforcement and is attempting to clear the large number of deadbeat parents from the system. Parents who owe a substantial amount of unpaid support can be found in contempt, … Read More

Traffic Ticket Attorney | Trapped by Old Traffic Fines?

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I am a seasoned traffic ticket attorney and everyone needs to know that many years ago, the Arizona legislature decriminalized most traffic offenses. While DUI, Driving on a Suspended License, Reckless Driving and Hit & Run all maintained their misdemeanor criminal status, the majority of Arizona traffic offenses (such as speeding, stop signs and car pool lane violations) became civil … Read More

DUI Defense Attorney | What To Do If Stopped for DUI

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What to do when a traffic stop turns into a DUI investigation As a DUI defense attorney and a former prosecutor, I’m used to interacting with police officers. Usually those interactions are in court or during a pretrial interview where the attorney is in control. Recently, I was pulled over by police for going 7 miles per hour over the … Read More