Juvenile Court Jurisdiction | Juvenile Defense Attorney

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Arizona Expands Juvenile Court Jurisdiction to Age Nineteen As a juvenile defense attorney I believe that in theory, the underlying purpose of juvenile court is rehabilitation, not punishment. To assist in that endeavor, the juvenile courts of most states keep jurisdiction beyond an offender’s eighteenth birthday – in many states until age twenty-one. That way, if a juvenile has a … Read More

When Can Children Choose | Child Custody Attorney

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At What Age Does a Child Get to Choose Where They Want to Live? “My daughter doesn’t like living at Dad’s house. What’s the age in Arizona when she gets to decide?” As a child custody attorney I hear this and similar questions about once a week. The simple answer is there is no law in Arizona that specifies a … Read More

Probate Administration from Outside Arizona | Probate Administration Attorney

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Managing a Trust or Probate Administration While Living Outside the State of Arizona. As Arizona probate administration attorneys we receive many calls from individuals who do not live in Arizona, but have been nominated to serve as either a Trustee or Personal Representative. We live in an ever-increasingly mobile society. Because of this trend, many children do not live in … Read More

Bike Blight is Now a Thing | Bike Accident Attorney

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Bike Blight is Now a Thing For this Bike Accident Attorney. Apparently we are all in a sharing mood these days, with ride-sharing, home sharing, clothes sharing, and bike sharing. No doubt you have seen lemon yellow bikes, lime green bikes or lemon-lime bikes scattered throughout the East Valley and Phoenix. Scottsdale alone has three bike sharing companies operating within … Read More

Your Auto Insurance Rates May Not Be All Your Fault | Accident Attorney

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Your Auto Insurance Rates May Not Be All Your Fault Our current economy means more people are employed, earning money, and driving more miles. Unfortunately more miles being driven means more auto accidents. (INSURANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE, “More Accidents, Larger Claims Drive Costs Higher,” October 2016.) Auto accidents in Arizona have jumped 16% the past few years, leading to a substantial … Read More

Legal Decision Making over Children | Child Custody Attorney

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After Divorce Who Really Has Legal Decision Making Authority Now? During a divorce or custody dispute, the judge must determine who is going to make the major decisions for the children. Arizona Revised Statute #25-401(3) defines legal decision making as the right and responsibility to make all non-emergency decisions for a child, including those regarding education, health care, religious training … Read More

Do You Really Trust Your Successor Trustee? | AZ Estate Planning Attorney

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Do You Really Trust Your Successor Trustee? In your estate planning who you pick as the successor trustee of your family trust is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A trustee is the manager of the instructions, contained in a family trust. During your lifetime, the grantor (person creating the trust) usually will be the trustee of his … Read More

Can Diabetes Cause a False DUI Charge? | DUI Attorney

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Can Diabetes Cause a False DUI Charge? Due to a lack of police training in Arizona, diabetics can be the unfortunate victims of unjust charges of driving under the influence (DUI) charges. Diabetics experience a condition known as hypoglycemia when their blood sugar level drops dangerously low. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of hypoglycemia mimic the symptoms a police officer … Read More

How Does the Tax Cut Affect Your Estate Plan? | Estate Planning Attorney

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The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017: How Does it Affect Your Estate Planning? Late last year, Congress finally passed the much anticipated tax reform bill, the “2017 Tax Act,” which provides many significant changes to income tax laws, but also to estate planning and gift taxes. As with any new tax law, we strongly recommend each person or … Read More