Who can I sue if my team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl? #LawsuitAttorney

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Apparently, this is the question one man asked himself after the Dallas Cowboys lost in the NFL playoffs to the Green Bay Packers. A key play in that game came in the fourth quarter when a pass to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was ruled incomplete after first being ruled a catch.

The overturned call, and subsequent Packers victory, did not sit well with Terry Hendrix, who, earlier this month, filed a lawsuit against the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell. Mr. Hendrix, who claims to be acting on behalf of Dez Bryant, all Dallas Cowboys fans, and all people from Texas, filed his handwritten “Notice of Intent to File Suit” in a court in Texas. He alleges that NFL and Mr. Goodell committed a fraud by overturning the pass call and that they stole the Super Bowl from the Cowboys. Mr. Hendrix requests an award of more than $88 million.

While Mr. Hendrix may well have experienced anguish over his team’s loss, he almost certainly will not get any relief from the courts. This is one situation where he should have consulted with an attorney before commencing litigation. It is normal for a person to feel wronged, mistreated or disappointed because of the actions of someone else. However, filing a lawsuit is often not reasonable. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, please first seek the advice of an attorney. And if your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl, remember there is always next season.

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