A Family Law Attorney Wonders – A Beta Marriage…What is going on? #FamilyLawAttorney

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Family Law is evolving . Millenials are the driving force. (Millenials are those reaching adulthood around the year 1980-2000). The actual definition of marriage is at the forefront. It is called the Beta marriage. So what is a Beta marriage? Beta was the latest release in the software cycle. You may have heard the terminology “a Beta Test”.

In a Beta marriage, you “couple” (a strange word to use in such a special and sacred relationship such as marriage) for two years. Basically, a two year trial period. At the end of two years, you can just “uncouple” or alternatively you can formalize and really commit, not just try each other out.

Surprisingly, 43% of the millenials support the notion of a two year Beta Trial Marriage. If they “uncouple” after the two years there would be no divorce, no paperwork! Not good for a divorce attorney! But, really bad for the couple.

37% of milenials favor the Real Estate Marriage. Just like a mortgage, we obtain a marriage license for 10, 15 or 30 years or an adjustable term so we can bail at any time! Upon expiration of the term, the marriage is uncoupled. No divorce, no attorneys!

The Presidential marriage which 21% favor, is a four year arrangement and then poof! You are uncoupled or you can recommit but, only for four more years.

And 10% even favor the Multiple Partner Model. Marriage can be with more than one partner, each who fulfills some need in your life!

Statistics show millenials cohabitate more, delay marriage until later in life, and even believe divorce is a positive alternative to marital difficulties.

From a legal perspective, I can tell you the unintended consequences of redefining marriage will be disastrous.

If you are married, make it work if you can! If you are not married, don’t be discouraged. If someone suggests a Beta marriage, run! That person might just have a problem with commitment!

Divorce is always hard on both parents, the children, extended family, and your pocket book. Adding different categories of marriage to our statutes like Beta, Real Estate, Presidential, and Multiple Partner is a legal train wreck.

If you do have family law issues that require Court or legal involvement, give us a call we have experienced divorce and family law attorneys here to help you. But if you can hang in there, that is even better!

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