Lessons from the George Zimmerman Case

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For nearly a month, the trial was held against George Zimmerman. The state charged him with second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman asserted self defense under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground “ law, and plead not guilty. Six jurors were sequestered and charged with rendering one of three verdicts.

  1. Guilt of second degree murder.
  2. Guilty of manslaughter (only brought in at the end of the case).
  3. Not guilty and Zimmerman goes free.

Most of you have seen nearly nonstop replays and real time portions of the trial. Nearly sixty witnesses and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent. The jury has deliberated and returned the verdict of not guilty.

Lessons learned from the Zimmerman Case

  • Arizona is a concealed carry weapon state, meaning most citizens can carry a concealed weapon.
  • Regardless of the circumstances or threat of bodily injury on death, if you draw a weapon there are serious consequences.
  • If you fire a weapon, injure or to kill someone, expect to be charged criminally and sued civilly. (The Martin family already has lawyered up for civil suit).
  • Expect to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring lawyers to represent you.
  • If you are involved in a shooting, retain an attorney IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. (They are only doing their job, be polite, don’t lie, just say “Mr. Rowley told me to invoke my right to remain silent, I will cooperate after I talk with my lawyer”.
  • Never brandish, display or point a gun at anyone unless your life or your loved ones life are ready to be taken and then expect civil and criminal charges and substantial, economic, emotional and physical hardships.
  • As an attorney, I advise you, if you can avoid using a weapon, run, hide, retreat and only use it as the last resort.

If you do use a weapon, call your criminal defense lawyer first. We are trained to protect you!

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