A Poor Economy Is No Excuse For Not Paying Employees #EmploymentLaw

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Many news reports these days suggest that the economy is still not good but is getting better. Of course there are still many businesses and families facing hard times. However, the poor economy should be no excuse for an employer to not pay its employees. As an Arizona employment law attorney, I have met with many people who perform the work they were hired to do and then do not receive the promised payment.

In some situations, an employee will work for weeks or even months without pay in the hope that the employer will pay in the end. An employer’s failure to pay its employees is unacceptable. Arizona law provides generally that when an employer fails to pay its employee the wages due, “the employee may recover in a civil action against an employer or former employer an amount that is treble [three times] the amount of the unpaid wages.” A.R.S. § 23-355. This law should be incentive for an employer to honor its agreement to pay its employees. You should meet with an experienced employment law attorney if you need help recovering money owed by your employer.

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