Business Owners – Are Your Non-Compete Agreements Up-To-Date? #EmploymentLaw

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With the start of a new year, many people begin thinking of resolutions related to personal fitness and weight control. “This year I will lose X number of pounds,” is a common goal. However, many may testify that it is easier to never to gain extra weight in the first place.

In legal matters, it is also easier to avoid legal difficulties than to have to fight a lawsuit after the fact. One example of this is in a company’s employment practices. Many companies have out-of-date non-compete agreements with their employees which may not be enforceable in court. An employer may discover only when it is too late that its non-compete agreement does not provide the protection intended. Non-compete agreements must be narrowly-tailored and limited in time and geographic scope, or a court will not enforce them. If you have not had your employment policies and non-compete agreements reviewed recently, you may save your business a lot of risk and trouble by having them reviewed and revised by an experienced employment and business law attorney. Call me today at (480) 833-1113 to make an appointment to have your non-compete agreements reviewed before you need to enforce them.

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