Lessons From Chad Johnson AKA “Chad Ochocinco” and Evelyn Lozada AKA “Ev”

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Domestic Violence is Unacceptable!

They were recently married, had a reality TV show “Ev and Ocho” on TV in the works, Dolphins wide receiver, life was good . . . . . . . or maybe not.

Ochocinco has been arrested for domestic violence after head butting Ev. The Dolphins terminated his lucrative contract, Ev has filed for divorce, and the reality TV show is cancelled. What happened?

Apparently Ev, found a receipt in her husband’s car, which led her to discover that Ochocinco, who she just married July 4th, had allegedly been unfaithful.

Chad has pled not guilty, was released on bail, and is innocent until proven guilty. There are always two sides to every story. Chad says Ev head butted him first.

Interestingly, the argument between the two occurred while seated in their “Smart Car” parked in their front yard on the grass.

Have you ever seen a smart car? I am surprised Ochocinco (6’ 4” tall) could fit in a Smart Car.

Whatever the truth is, the lessons we can learn from this are helpful:

  1. Never harm your spouse. Physical abuse is unacceptable.
  2. Control your emotions. Regardless of wrongdoing, physical violence is not the answer.
  3. Be faithful to your spouse.
  4. If you leave a receipt in your car for your wife to find that implicates you in inappropriate contact with the opposite sex, don’t sit and discuss it in your Smart Car – not really very smart at all, is it?
  5. Have a good attorney on your side, whether it be for the divorce or the criminal charges.
  6. Make sure you have a prenup if you have assets and second marriage.

This is truly an unfortunate reversal of fortunes and opportunities.

We wish Ev and Ocho the best.

Maybe thru some intensive counseling, outside help and lots of good friends and family support, things will work out for both of them.

Unfortunately, for now though, because of their choices, it is time to lawyer up!

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