Divorce: Is it His, Mine or Ours?

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Going through a divorce is difficult enough especially when child custody is an issue.

Add to that financial issues and it can become very contentious.

Acrimony increases when spouses argue over what is His, Mine and Ours in the divorce.

If you have assets or a business prior to marriage or inherit assets during the marriage, before you comingle, consider the legal ramification. Contact your lawyer and discuss option.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Should you have a prenuptial agreement, separate trust, LLC or post marital agreement, better do it now than later or there could be an expensive dispute later.

I have had many clients who tell me, “my wife said she would never go after my business” or “my husband agreed when he gave me this new Lexus and 4 carat diamond ring that it was all mine.”

Later when they divorce, the spouse has selective memory.

So, better safe now then sorry later. Get some good legal advice from a qualified divorce and family law attorney. Call me at (480) 833-1113, I can help.

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