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Well, here we go again, another article from the divorce attorney about what to do to keep your marriage healthy, happy and terrific. After 25 years of working with people whose marriages have failed, here are some tips to avoid a painful, expensive and acrimonious divorce. See what you think!

1. Nurture Your Relationship with Your Spouse.
• Have a weekly date night.
• Treat your spouse with kindness and respect.
• Tell your spouse you love him or her.
• Remember how you originally fell in love with each other and why.
• Always focus on strengths and good qualities, don’t dwell on negatives.

2. Be faithful to your spouse.
You married forever and pledged to be one. Recommit to that promise. If you have had “office flirtations,” or e-mail and texting temptations with someone from the opposite or same sex, STOP NOW, it is not worth it!

3. Avoid all forms of pornography in your homes and in your lives.
Pornography is an evil cancer that destroys your feelings for your spouse and will destroy your marriage.

4. Always be honest with your spouse.
Your spouse is your best friend; he or she should be treated that way in thought, word and deed. Don’t have secrets or be ashamed to tell your spouse what you do.

5. Avoid all forms of gambling.
Gambling is really a “no win deal”, it costs you money, is addictive, takes you away from the home and will take your focus and energy away from the home and your sweet spouse.

6. Stay out of debt!
Or get out of debt if you have debts. Debts are financial bondage, that if not managed correctly, reduced and eventually paid off, can cause stress and depression in your marriage. Remember, a wise person once said “Eat it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Avoid misuse of credit and credit cards. Control your spending habits, your spouse will love you even more!

7. Keep your faith.
Remember that spiritual help is there to help you through tough and good times. Whatever religion or beliefs you have, ask for spiritual guidance and strengths daily.

8. Have good friends.
Another wise man once said “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” Associate with good, honest, solid, faithful friends and your marriage will be strengthened.

9. Avoid ALL addictions!
Avoid misuse of drugs/alcohol and prescription medication. These stimulants, depressants, or psychotropic medications unless under a physicians order, can take hold of you, change who you are, and numb or desensitize you!

10. Exercise.
It will keep you in shape, help you lose weight, prolong your life and help you feel better about yourself. Do fun family activities with your spouse and/or children or even your dog. Walk, jog, swim, bike, hike, jump rope, etc.
Well, these 10 tips may just help your marriage and you feel “Healthy Happy
and Terrific.”

If you feel like your marriage is “on the rocks,” try harder and follow these suggestions. If you still need legal advice from a divorce and family law attorney, give me a call at (480) 833-1113 to set up an appointment.

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