Arizona Estate Planning Attorney | Kenneth Barney | The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Do Your Estate Planning!

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10. Remarriage Protection

  • Make sure a new spouse doesn’t receive all your assets
  • Discuss Prenuptial Agreement provision in estate plan
  • Ensures that your family will receive your inheritance


9. Leave a Charitable Legacy

  • Benefit the causes you support
  • Show your posterity what you care about
  • Give your family a chance to support your causes

8. Protect Your Assets from your Children’s and Grandchildren’s Creditors

  • In case of divorce, accident, or lawsuit
  • In the event of government support

7. Protect your Grandchildren

  • From Afluenza (large influx of money at an early age!)
  • In case of alcohol or substance abuse
  • Emphasize priorities such as education and service

6. Pass Values to Future Generations

  • Through charitable planning
  • By tying inheritance to your priorities
  • By teaching financial responsibility
  • By emphasizing education

5. Protect Children with Special Needs

  • Ensure that they will not be exploited
  • Make sure that you don’t disqualify them from government benefits if needed
  • Enhance their quality of life

4. Protect Children from Themselves

  • Inherited money is often wasted (Afluenza and the “lottery effect”)
  • Protect against substance abuse
  • Keep assets in the bloodline in case of divorce
  • Misperceptions can cause family feuds

3. Protect your Privacy

  • Avoid Probate at death
  • Prevent recording of personal information at the court
  • Avoid Guardianship/Conservatorship issues – Living Probate

2. Take control of Potential Disability

  • Predetermine who will control your assets
  • Make sure that they will have wide access
  • You decide who will make the decisions, keeping it out of the courts
  • Avoid the possibility of abuse, fraud and theft when disabled

And the #1 Reason to do YOUR Estate Planning today!

1. Insure that YOUR wishes are fulfilled

  • Ultimately, any estate plan should reflect your priorities, goals and your concerns for your family. Estate planning is about giving what you want to whom you want when you want, in an environment and method you have chosen.

If you need help protecting what is yours, and giving what is yours to who you want, call me today at (480) 833-1113 and I will assist you in setting up an estate plan that meets all of your family’s needs.

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