Mesa Arizona Divorce Attorney | Ten Lessons To Learn From The Tiger Woods Experience

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1. Be faithful to your spouse.

2. Be careful where you leave your golf clubs, especially after your wife discovers your infidelity.

3. Be honest with your spouse. She should be able to read your text/email messages without reservation.

4. If you are getting married and have a high net worth have your spouse sign a prenuptial agreement. Arizona is a community property state where assets accumulated during the marriage are jointly held absent a valid prenuptial agreement.

5. If you cheat on your wife and she demands to modify the prenuptial agreement in order to stay married to you, you both need counseling. ie “I will stay married to you for $20 million dollars deposited into my separate account.”

6. What is the first thing you do after you discover your husband is cheating-Call your lawyer.

7. Don’t take ambien and vicodin before you drive.

8. Don’t leave your house at 2 a.m and hit the driveway fence, fire hydrant then a tree and say your wife bashed in the back windows of your Escalade to rescue you.

9. If you are worth $600 million dollars and you have multimillion dollar sponsors, maintain your reputation, act and live your life so people will admire and trust you and will buy the products you endorse.

10. Don’t believe everything you read from the media; we weren’t there and we don’t know the real story.

In closing, any tragedy like Tiger’s recent events is hard on anyone and especially Tiger and his family. Hopefully the Woods family can work through this and learn from it. Children and spouses are innocent victims. Let’s don’t be judgmental or critical. Let’s wish them the best and learn from this experience.

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